Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Poo

ShamPOO that is! Over the last month I've switched to cloth pads (no more tampons or disposable pads for me!), quit wearing makeup, and stopped using hair products (no shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, nothing). This post is about the latter. The last day I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner was on the 27 or 28 of this month. Tonight while taking my shower I mixed a couple tablespoons of BAKING SODA and just enough WATER to create a paste and massaged it into my roots. I let it set for a few moments then thoroughly rinsed it out. I then mixed a couple tablespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and a little bit of WATER and applied it to the ends of my hair. Let sit for a few minutes then rinsed. Overall, I am quite pleased with how well this worked tonight. I was afraid my hair would be a tangled mess and gross feeling, but neither was true. I was able to smoothly comb through my hair and it feels nice. The "weaning" process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months before you notice a nice change. You’re probably thinking you could never go without your shampoo and conditioner and that your hair would be a nasty oily mess, but it’s actually the opposite. Since “we” have “programmed” our hair to be used to the shampooing and conditioning we do to it, it has got use to having to overproduce hairs natural oils. When we take shampoo and conditioner out of the equation, our hair will continue to overproduce oil until it realizes it no longer needs to. Much like the supply and demand relationship of a nursing mother and her child. After your child weans, your body will slowly stop producing milk. Same goes for the oils in your hair.

There are many ways to going about “No Poo”. My game plan is to only use the BS/ACV combo twice a week for now and on “off days” still “wash“ and scrub my hair with water. I’m also going to thin out the BS/H2O mixture so it’s not so pasty. I will continue to update on how this “adventure” goes for me, so make sure to check back! Check this method of hair care out here.


Hello to all! I've decided to take a different approach to some of my lifestyle choices, so I decided to write about it in a Blog for anyone who is interested. I hope that I can give others who are interested in any of the subjects I may cover that little "push" to jump in and try it out as well. Thanks for reading!